Backing up hard disks

MISE includes a utility for performing backups of an entire hard disk image:


The device number is 1 for the Primary IDE device (CF card) and 2 for the Secondary (the default). The image number ranges from 0 (the default) to the maximum allowed on the specific device, as determined by its number of cylinders and heads. Run IDEBOOT with no arguments to see the devices' configurations.

If you have logical drives that you do not wish to backup, disable them with SYSTEM (DRIVE=d,DISABLE) before running IDEBACK.

If you just want to do a simple backup of your primary CF card image to your secondary CF card, disregarding all this "alternate image" tomfoolery, just type IDEBACK with no arguments and hit <ENTER> in response to the dire warning.

Each dot printed while IDEBACK runs represents a copied cylinder.

IDEBACK performs a granule-by-granule backup of all logical drives on the current image on the primary IDE device to the specified image slot. If you have multiple images on the primary device that you wish to back up onto the secondary device, you must enter the IDEBACK command for each image after booting it. See the section on using multiple hard disk images for more information on booting alternate images.

Note that MISE does not support hot-plugging of CF cards. MISE and the TRS-80 must be powered down when inserting or removing CF cards in either device position.

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