Making MISE system floppies

It is critical to make system floppies for your Model I in case hard disk :0 becomes unbootable for some reason.

Making the floppy disks

MISE comes with four JV1-format floppy images on drive :0, called MISE1/JV1...MISE4/JV1. These are for single-sided, single-density floppies to allow their use with any Model I that has at least one disk drive attached.

First format four single-density, single-sided, 35-track floppy diskettes. Then dump the images onto them using the JV1COPY utility:

and label the floppies.

If you have a double-density adapter, you can combine these four floppies into one bootable double-density, double-sided diskette.

Making hard disk boot floppies

A hard disk boot floppy allows access to the hard disk system while booting from a floppy diskette. This may be useful in situations where hard drive :0 becomes unbootable.

Make another copy of the MISE1 LDOS system diskette, and then write the hard disk configuration to it:


You can now boot this floppy by holding down <SHIFT> during reset. However, this floppy will not be bootable on a non-MISE system, or a MISE system with a different drive configuration.

Lowercase Effects

When booting from a floppy that lacks CONFIG/SYS--generated by the SYSTEM (SYSGEN) command--LDOS auto-detects lowercase hardware modification and sets its display driver appropriately. Booting with CONFIG/SYS present, however, LDOS restores the display driver that was in effect when SYSTEM (SYSGEN) was executed. This applies to both hard and floppy disks. See the section on Using the VGA Display for information on selecting the proper display driver.

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