SNTP/CMD, the Simple Network Time Protocol client

SNTP/CMD is a Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) client. It queries the SNTP server specified in your NETWORK/CFG file and displays the result. This is not a full implementation of NTP, but it's close enough for a TRS-80.

	SNTP [-S] [-H] [-Q]

The -S switch causes the Software (LDOS) clock to be set.

The -H switch causes the Hardware clock (RTCC) to be set.

The -Q switch suppresses displaying the date and time obtained from the server.

Routers and PC network Firewall software can sometimes interfere with SNTP communication. If you have problems, make sure that UDP port 123 is unblocked.

SNTP/CMD does not deal with time zones or Daylight Savings Time. Instead, the NETWORK/CFG file contains an entry in the [SNTP Client] section called "Offset". You should set its value to your offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). You'll need to correct it by an hour each time Daylight Savings Time begins or ends.

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