Using the MISE with only 16KB RAM or without an Expansion Interface

With one shortcoming, MISE can be used with a Model I that has only 16KB RAM: the FTP server application is too large. Instead you can use the TFTP server to transfer files. Since TFTP clients are generally command-line based, you lose the drag-and-drop capability of many FTP clients.

If you want to use MISE without an Expansion Interface, there are a couple of extra setup steps. Immediately after booting MISE for the first time, issue these commands:


This will disable the two configured floppy drives. Without these commands, LDOS will freeze when it attempts to access the floppies.

The MISE FPGA automatically detects whether an Expansion Interface is attached. If not, MISE generates the 25 millisecond heartbeat interrupt and interrupt status bit itself.

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