FPGA programming files

MISE1.1_27oct2016.zip MISE 1.1 October 27, 2016 Active Serial programming file for MISE rev 1.1 FPGA module
MISE1.0_27oct2016.zip MISE 1.0 October 27, 2016 Active Serial programming file for MISE rev 1.0 FPGA module

Change Log (since original 17 November 2013 MISE 1.0 and 14 March 2014 MISE 1.1 releases):

MISE1.0_27oct2016.zip and MISE1.1_27oct2016.zip:

  1. Added circuit to reject noise on TRS-80 system reset signal.

MISE1.0_08jun2015.zip and MISE1.1_08jun2015.zip:

  1. Added 80 column VGA mode.

MISE1.0_11feb2015.zip and MISE1.1_11feb2015.zip:

  1. Support for modified boot sector to support older (electromechanical) IDE hard drives.


  1. Updated RTCC 3-wire interface to work better with some types of DS1302 chips.


  1. Double density floppy driver now supports Percom and Aerocomp adapters as well as Tandy.
  2. Improved immunity to electrical noise from TRS-80.
  3. Unreliable keyboard reset button behavior fixed.


  1. Slight update to expansion interface detector circuit.


  1. Modified boot logic for better floppy initialization.


  1. Extended CPU activity detector protection to EEPROM.


  1. Added a CPU activity detector circuit so spurious I/O before keyboard power-on can't disturb flashy splash screen or RTCC chip.


  1. Added a fancy splash screen before keyboard powerup.


  1. Revisited month = 0 issue from 09dec2013 file. MISE now returns month = 1 to LDOS but doesn't write back to the RTCC chip.


  1. Fixed a newly-introduced bug that prevented reading MSB of IDE/CF data.


  1. Greatly improved reliability of IDE/CF and network transfers on some Model I configurations.
  2. Read of inconsistent month = 0 from uninitialized RTCC chip writes back month = 1 to work better with LDOS.


  1. Detects absence of Expansion Interface and drives 25ms heartbeat interrupt and status bit.
  2. Added "Expansion Interface detected" bit to port 0xBF.
  3. Updates to ROM extension to better support less than 48KB RAM.

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