MISE feature control registers

MISE contains a pair of registers whose bits control various features. The "disable" bits are included to enable the use of other peripherals that might conflict with MISE I/O port addresses.

	Port 0xBE (R/W):
 		 Bit  7  - Disable auto-boot
 		 Bit  6  - Disable VGA registers (display stays active)
 		 Bit  5  - Disable network module access
 		 Bit  4  - Disable ROM extension
 		 Bit  3  - Disable IDE/CF access
 		 Bit  2  - Disable joystick port
 		 Bit  1  - Joystick 4-bit mode
 	Port 0xBF (R/W):
		 Bit  2  - Expansion Interface detected (read only)
		 Bit  1  - Allow RTCC seconds to be set nonzero
		 Bit  0  - RTCC register write protect

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