Using the ROM-based double-density floppy disk adapter driver

Installing drivers

MISE ships with floppy drives :6 and :7 set up for single-density operation. If you have a double-density adapter installed, you can load its drivers after booting MISE. For example LDOS's FDUBL utility installs high-memory drivers for the Tandy and Percom/Aerocomp adapters.

In its ROM extension MISE includes a driver for any of these three types of double-density adapters, allowing its use without consuming high memory. In order to enable this driver, use the DDEN/CMD utility. To disable the ROM driver execute SDEN/CMD, enter SYSTEM (SYSGEN), and then reboot.

Note: MISE units sold starting in 2018 ship with DDEN installed. In order to use FDBUL instead you will first have to enter SDEN, SYSTEM (SYSGEN), then reboot.

If you have a double-density adapter but don't wish to use the ROM-based driver, issue the command:




to load a driver into high memory. Use (PERCOM) for an Aerocomp adapter since they are software-compatible.

In either case, you must enter SYSTEM (SYSGEN) to save your driver changes to hard disk.

Reverting drivers

If you ever wish to revert to MISE's original driver configuration, enter the command:


then reboot.

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