MISE system and development files

The files in these archives, even the text files, should be copied to the TRS-80 in binary transfer mode.

Don't attempt to copy every file in the archive; just update the ones that are listed in the change log below. Otherwise you might overwrite open system files, or cause files that require fixed locations on the disk or in the directory to be moved. If any such file ever needs an update I'll provide instructions.

Most of the system files are password-protected, so you should log in using the LDOS system password "RS0LT0FF" (zeroes, not the letter "O"). For example under Windows Explorer I would use the URL:


The username doesn't matter.

You should expect that files listed under archives with dates later than when you ordered your MISE should be updated. Copy them from the latest archive.

MISE1.X_sys_2023_06_06.zip MISE 1.x June 6, 2023 MISE system files for CF drive :0
MISE1.0_dev_31may2016.zip MISE 1.x May 31, 2016 MISE development files for CF drive :1

Change Log (since original 17 November 2013 release):


  1. IDEBOOT/CMD: Improved displayed drive geometry information with unusual configurations. Removed (SYSTEM) parameter (Model III/4 only). Version to 2.2.


  1. TELNET/CMD: Added -E command-line switch to presume server echo.
    Version number to 0.19.


  1. TELNET/CMD: Fixed a newly-minted bug in parsing port number command line parameter.
    Version number to 0.18.1.


  1. FTP/CMD: <SHIFT>-@ now pauses listings without KI/DVR installed.
    Removed brackets from some messages to support character generator ROMs that display arrows instead.
    Version number to 0.5.
  2. IDEFORM/CMD: Model III compatible version.
    Updated generated BOOT/SYS for compatibility with some non-compliant CF cards. Old BOOT/SYS was 5 sectors long, new version is 10.
    Minor fix to command-line processing.
    Version number to 3.1.1.
  3. PING/CMD: Fixed a bug with (not) collecting statistics in Flood mode.
    Shows DNS name instead of command-line hostname above statistics.
    Fixed a bug causing packet sizes < 4 to be sent with bad checksum.
  4. TELNET/CMD: Added -Q command line switch to bypass dire security warning.
    Removed brackets from some messages to support character generator ROMs that display arrows instead.
    Version number to 0.18.


  1. ACCESS/JCL: Added PING/CMD, see below.
  2. PING/CMD: Added.


  1. ACCESS/JCL: Added FTP/CMD, see below.
  2. FTP/CMD: Added FTP client, version 0.4.
  3. FTPD/CMD, FTP1D/CMD: Added -S and -I switches to override "System" and "Invis" settings in network config file. Echoing of command-line options. Improved handling of data socket errors. Version numbers to 1.8.
  4. NETWORK/CFG: Added [FTP Client] section with default settings.
  5. TELNET/CMD: Various cursor-related fixes in CRT mode. Added more ANSI escape sequences. Fixed a bug where argument buffer could overflow on command-line input. Version number to 0.16.


  1. ARGS/ASM: Added ARGS_ALT subroutine to allow alternate ARGV buffer.
  2. ARGS/REL: New ARGS_ALT subroutine, see above. Both calls now zero out ARGV array at start.
  3. DNSHOST/REL, DNSLOOK/REL: DNS_CLOSE and DNS_HCLOSE subroutines don't affect CPU flags.
  4. NETWORK/REL: Improved randomization of source port numbers in IP_SPORT subroutine.


  1. DHCP/CMD: Fixed error message when timeout value too large. Version number to 1.9.1. First M1/M3 version.
  2. DNS/CMD, DNS2/CMD: Better handling of malformed response packets. Version numbers to 1.6 and 1.3. First M1/M3 versions.
  3. SETRTCC/CMD: Fixed erroneous day-of-week calculation. Version number to 1.2. First M1/M3 version.
  4. TELNET/CMD: Eliminated stray cursors in CRT and VGA modes. Implemented a few more ANSI escape sequences. Version number to 0.14.


  1. DNS/ASM, DNS2/ASM: Updated version numbers per above.
  2. DNSHOST/REL, DNSLOOK/REL: First M1/M3 versions.
  3. M1M3/REL, M1M3/ASM: Added, allows program compatibility with both Model I and Model III.


  1. TELNET/CMD: Client now parses and ignores requests to change the XTerm window title. Version number to 0.11.


  1. TELNET/CMD: Fixed a bug causing <ENTER> to always be sent in binary mode despite never agreeing WILL-BINARY, i.e. it was sending CR not CR+LF. Version number to 0.10.1.


  1. TED/CMD: Replaced corrupted version. Note that the "new" file's date is still 1992.
  2. TELNET/CMD: Responds to Device Status Report escape sequence from host. Version number to 0.10.


Files associated with 80-column mode only apply to MISE units with FPGA files dated xxyyy2015 or later.

  1. UPCASE/CMD, LOCASE/CMD: Fail if not using standard opposite case driver. Update DOSV$ saved display driver vector for RESET *DO.
  2. REBOOT/CMD: Select floppy side 0. Clear VGA control register. Restore DOSV$ saved display driver vector.
  3. C80/DVR. Added. 80-column VGA display driver version 0.4.
  4. C64/JCL: Added. Script to return to 64-column display mode
  5. TELNET/CMD: Detects 80-column mode, reports correct screen size to server. Implemented Insert Line escape sequence. Version number to 0.9.
  6. ACCESS/JCL: Updated with new files.
  7. MISE3/JV1, MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files.


  1. LDOS/ASM: Added save vector addresses for standard devices.


  1. FTPD/CMD, FTP1D/CMD: Uses new TELCMD/ASM. No functional changes. Version number to 1.5.1.
  2. TELNET/CMD: Handles horizontal tabs from server. Better handling of binary vs. ASCII mode line endings. Reports terminal type "ANSI" to server. Version number to 0.6.
  3. TELSRV/CMD: Uses new TELCMD/ASM. No functional changes. Version number to 1.7.1.
  4. MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files.


  1. TELCMD/ASM: Updated to allow processing of suboption negotiation.
  2. TELSRV/ASM: Updated to use new TELCMD/ASM, no functional changes. Version number to 1.7.1.


Note: all updated programs have been linked with modified library modules--see the dev files release below. This is the reason for some of the version number increments.

  1. ACCESS/JCL: Added TELNET/CMD, see below.
  2. DHCP/CMD: Version number to 1.8.
  3. DNS/CMD, DNS2/CMD: See source updates below. Version numbers to 1.4 and 1.1.
  4. FTPD/CMD, FTPD1/CMD: Updated to new Telnet options processing. Version numbers to 1.5.
  5. SETCOLOR/CMD: Updated so colors specified can be lowercase. Added version number 1.1 when used with no arguments.
  6. SNTP/CMD: Randomized IP source port. Version number to 1.5.
  7. TELNET/CMD: Added to archive, Beta version 0.5.
  8. TELSRV/CMD: See source updates below. Version number to 1.7.
  9. TFTPD/CMD: Version number to 1.7.
  10. MISE3/JV1, MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files.


  1. CTYPE/ASM, CTYPE/REL: Added ISSPACE subroutine.
  2. DNS/ASM, DNS2/ASM: Fixed a socket data size bug that could cause hangs. Randomized IP source port.
  3. NETWORK/ASM, NETWORK/REL: Added IP_SPORT subroutine to generate random IP source port numbers > 1023.
  4. RANDOM/REL: Made it randomer by involving the Z-80 Refresh register in generating pseudorandom seed.
  5. TELNET/ASM, TELCMD/ASM: Renamed TELNET/ASM to TELCMD/ASM. Updated GUARD macro invocation with new name. Complete rewrite of options processing. Please remove TENET/ASM after installing TELCMD/ASM.
  6. TELSRV/ASM: Updated to new Telnet options processing. Updated INCLUDE directive to TELCMD.
  7. W5300/ASM, W5300/REL: Fixed a bug with WZ_EXIT and WZ_CLEARINTS, and WZ_DSCALL that could cause hangs.


  1. IDEBACK/CMD: Fixed cosmetic issues with displayed messages. Now works with drives having an odd number of IDE heads. Works better with certain types of CF cards, SD/CF adapters, and rotating hard disks. Version number to 1.6.1.
  2. IDEBOOT/CMD: Fixed cosmetic issues with displayed messages. Version number to 1.1.4.
  3. MISE3/JV1, MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files.


  1. IDEBACK/CMD: Works with some CF card types that were not previously tested (and failed). Version number to 1.4.
  2. MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files.


  1. IDDEV/BAS: Now correctly says "Sectors per Track" instead of "Sectors per Cylinder".
  2. IDDEV/BAS: Better detection of drives not present.
  3. IDEFORM/CMD: Writes updated boot sector which supports older (electromechanical) IDE hard drives. Version number to 2.2.
  4. MISE3/JV1, MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files.


  1. IDEBOOT without arguments shows active image number. Version to 1.1.1.
  2. MISE3/JV1: Updated with new files.


  1. Fixed another IDEBACK bug preventing images > 1 from populating correctly. Version number to 1.3.
  2. MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files.


  1. Fixed a bug (introduced in the 10 July 2014 system files release) in the IDEBACK utility which prevented it from populating alternate images a CF card. Version number to 1.2.
  2. Modified HOSTS/TXT to conform to my new router's IP address range.
  3. MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files.


  1. SDEN/CMD, DDEN/CMD: Removed "RS" from driver message. Versions to 1.1.1.
  2. MISE3/JV1: Updated with new versions.


  1. FTPD/CMD, FTP1D/CMD: Setting SYSTEM=YES in NETWORK/CFG shows invisible system files. Versions to 1.4.1.
  2. IDEBACK/CMD: Added verify of copied data. Version to 1.1.
  3. IDEBOOT/CMD: Better device information when run without arguments. Version to 1.1.
  4. JV1COPY/CMD: Fixed a minor problem with command-line processing. Version to 1.3.
  5. MISE3/JV1: Updated with new files.
  6. MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files. Added UPCASE/CMD, LOCASE/CMD, and IDDEV/BAS (IDEBACK/CMD got a lot smaller.)


  1. ARGS/ASM, ARGS/REL: Removed erroneous linker entry address.
  2. CTYPE/ASM, CTYPE/REL: Removed a repeated external label.


  1. MISE1/JV1, MISE2/JV1, MISE3/JV1, MISE4/JV1: Re-formatted with long spinup time and slowest step rate.


  1. DDEN/CMD, SDEN/CMD: Fixed some issues with DCT setup for modified drives. Added intro messages, versions both 1.1.
  2. MISE3/JV1: Updated with new files.


  2. IDECLEAR/CMD: Added -A option and better messages. Updated version number to 1.1.
  3. SNTP/CMD: Check for <BREAK> pressed before retrying. Updated version number to 1.4.1.
  4. IDECLEAR/CMD: Can specify a bare drive number (e.g. "3" instead of ":3"). Added an intro message. Set version number to 1.1.
  5. JV1COPY/CMD: Can specify a bare drive number. Restore floppy to track 0 after copy. Updated version number to 1.2.
  6. DISKDATE/CMD: Can specify a bare drive number. Better messages. Added a version number 1.1 message.
  7. MISE3/JV1: Removed IDDEV/BAS (insufficient space).
  8. MISE3/JV1, MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files.


Note: This release updates the W5300TCP module to use delayed TCP acknowledgement. However, in the corresponding system files release (see below) only FTPD and FTP1D have been linked against the new version. Other utilities that use W5300TCP will be updated here as they are re-linked and tested.

  1. W5300TCP/REL: Modified to use delayed TCP ACK response.


  1. FTPD/CMD, FTP1D/CMD: Re-linked with modified W5300TCP module. Using delayed TCP acknowledgement greatly improves file storing (PUT/STOR command) throughput, especially for large files. Updated version numbers to 1.4.
  2. MISE4/JV1: Updated FTP1D/CMD.


  1. Added FDCINIT/CMD, for those who can't update with today's FPGA configuration file.


  1. Added miscellaneous LDOS files.
  2. IDEFORM/CMD: writes improved HDD boot sector.
  3. MISE3/JV1: Updated IDEFORM/CMD file.


  1. Fixed some typos in ACCESS/JCL.
  2. MISE3/JV1: Updated ACCESS/JCL file.


  1. Added SYS*/SYS and CONFORIG/SYS files.
  2. MISE3/JV1: Added CONFORIG/SYS file.


  1. Added EEWRITE, EEREAD, and EEDUMP demo /ASM source code and /JCL linker scripts.
  2. Added I2C/ASM and I2C/REL for accessing EEPROM.
  3. Added HEXBUF/ASM and HEXBUF/REL for converting binary values to hexadecimal ASCII.
  4. Added @CLS call address to LDOS/ASM.


  1. Added EEWRITE/CMD, EEREAD/CMD, and EEDUMP/CMD demo utilities.
  2. TFTPD/CMD: Updated version number to 1.6.
  3. TFTPD/CMD: Use random rather than incrementing Transfer Identifiers.
  4. TFTPD/CMD: Better handling of file access denial for read requests.
  6. MISE3/JV1: Updated ACCESS/JCL.
  7. MISE4/JV1: Added TFTPD/CMD.
  8. MISE4/JV1: Removed UPCASE/CMD and LOCASE/CMD to make space for TFTPD.


  1. DHCP/CMD: Updated version number to 1.7.
  2. DHCP/CMD: Better handling of option overloading.
  3. DHCP/CMD: Allow domain name to be absent from acknowledge packet.
  4. MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files.


  1. Added SETCOLOR/CMD utility.
  3. AUTOEXEC/JCL: Switched to SETCOLOR instead of OUT commands.
  4. MISE3/JV1: Updated with new files.


  1. FTPD/CMD: Improved handling of denied access to TRS-80 files.
  2. FTPD/CMD: Updated version number to 1.3.1.
  3. JV1COPY/CMD: Allow destination to be an existing file.
  4. JV1COPY/CMD: Verify all copied data.
  5. JV1COPY/CMD: Updated version number to 1.1.
  6. Added FTP1D/CMD, single-connection FTP server for 32KB machines.
  7. ACCESS/JCL: added FTP1D/CMD.
  8. MISE3/JV1, MISE4/JV1: Updated with new files. Replaced FTPD/CMD with FTP1D/CMD to work with 32KB machines.

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