MIRE Product Pricing

MIRE is available as an assembled, tested unit only. No kit version is offered. Returns are accepted if mailed within 14 days of delivery.

Price List

Product eBay Price, USD PayPal Price, USD
Fully Assembled and Tested
MIRE PCB, software, and accessories, US shipping included $300 $275
Optional box headers populated, each
(Printer, RS-232, expansion, floppy)
Spare Parts*
SD card, 2GB or greater, preprogrammed with LDOS and utilities
(MicroSD card with adapter may be substituted)
Ribbon cable assembly, length approx. 6.5 inches $15
Power supply $15
Accessories (not included with MIRE)
USB SD/MicroSD card reader $10
USB Blaster for FPGA reprogramming $12

*The MIRE PCB comes complete with everything needed to set up and use it. Spare parts offered as extras or replacements only.

US shipping is included on spare parts and accessories ordered with a MIRE PCB. Otherwise a $5 flat rate US shipping charge will be added to all spare parts and accessories orders.

International shipping cost on PayPal orders will be determined after the order is placed, and then invoiced.

All spare parts and accessories are tested before shipping, come with free technical support, and have a 14-day money-back guarantee (buyer pays return shipping). Ask if there's something you need that's not listed.

Available quantities of spare parts are limited. Prices are subject to change without notice.

**LDOS is provided free of charge. The price covers the media, and time required to copy and test the system.

E-mail me if you wish to place an order, which will be invoiced through PayPal.

If you live in Colorado, USA please let me know where when contacting me. I am obligated to collect state and county sales taxes, and I will provide my Colorado sales tax license number upon request.

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