Unified File Releases

I've come to realize that it's ridiculous to release utilities and FPGA/PIC programming files on different pages of this website. The releases here will include everything you need to upgrade your MIRE from the previous release. If there's a PIC programming file, you need to update your PIC using the bootloader utility or with a PICkit programmer. If there's an FPGA (.pof) file, you need to update your FPGA using a USB Blaster. Do not assume that any updated utilities will work correctly without updating the devices first.

MIRE public 2017-09-24A.zip MIRE 1.0 September 24, 2017 MIRE programming and utility files

Change Log:

MIRE public 2017-09-24A.zip:

  1. PIC: forgot to update the date returned by the DSK VER command.

MIRE public 2017-09-24.zip:

  1. BOOTLOAD/CMD: NewDOS compatibility.
    Version number to 0.3.
  2. DSK/CMD: NewDOS compatibility for PUT command.
    MOUNT command works correctly with relative pathnames.
    Version Number to 0.5.
  3. PIC: Updated for DSK/CMD changes.

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