Expansion Port

MIRE includes a 40-pin buffered expansion port that is compatible with the original Expansion Interface. This can be used to connect your MISE, Voice Synthesizer, or any other peripherals you might have.

One improvement MIRE makes over the original is that the signals SYSRST*, IN*, and OUT* are actually buffered for noise immunity and signal strength.

As an alternative to the traditional card edge connector, the MIRE PCB can be populated with a 40-pin box header that carries the expansion port signals. The header can also be utilized to connect more than one expansion device to the MIRE simultaneously, as long as you're certain they do not have addressing conflicts. Note that the notch in the header shroud faces toward the edge of the MIRE PCB, which might require that some cables be folded back over the top in order to exit the left side of the MIRE.

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