Example Enclosure

I used a pair of 16x8" .236" thick Lexan polycarbonate sheets (cheaply available on eBay and almost precisely the same footprint as an original Expansion Interface) and some hardware from Mouser. OK, so it's not exactly an "enclosure" since it's open on all sides, but that's necessary because of all the cables sticking out.

Yes, it's dusty here at Bartlett Labs.

This was very, very easy to build. I had never used polycarbonate sheets before, but they drill very nicely. I used #6-32 screws with washers on both sides and drilled the holes with a 5/32" plastic (90 degree point) bit. Anyway, it's plenty sturdy enough to hold up the CRT monitor without bending. There are six stick-on rubber feet on the bottom you can't see very easily in the photos.

Now for the "do as I say, not as I do" moment: You might have noticed that in one photo the power supply for the keyboard is kind of tossed aside. I'd rather have it to the right of the MIRE in between the polycarbonate sheets. However I used spacers that are 2.5" long. Almost long enough, but not quite. If you do this, try to get some 3" long spacers and the power supply will fit.

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