TFTPD/CMD, the Trivial File Transfer Protocol server

TFTP is a simple file transfer protocol that uses UDP, not TCP communication like FTP. In order to use it to communicate with your TRS-80 you'll need client software such as the TFTP program that's included with some versions of Windows.


The -O switch allows TFTPD to overwrite TRS-80 files. Press <BREAK> to exit TFTPD.

The slash character (/) between filenames and filename extensions is converted to a dot (.) by TFTPD. If you wish to specify a TRS-80 drive number when accessing a file via TFTP, prepend the drive number like this:

	TFTP> get /0/readme.txt

Be aware that text file line endings are encoded differently on the TRS-80 than the PC. Using a command-line TFTP client, you can specify ASCII mode and the software will perform the translation.

Network Firewall software can sometimes interfere with TFTP communication. If you have problems, make sure that UDP port 69 is unblocked.

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