TELSRV/CMD, a Telnet server demo

TELSRV/CMD is a demonstration of using the Telnet protocol to communicate with the TRS-80 through M3SE. To use it you'll need telnet client software such as the TELNET program included with some versions of Windows, or PuTTY. Up to eight clients can connect to the server simultaneously.

TELSRV listens on IP port 1978 not the default port 23. This port must not be blocked by firewall software. The command to connect might look something like this:

	> telnet trs-80 1978

After a brief greeting, clients can enter the following commands:

   HELP or ? : list the commands

   WHO : list users' socket numbers and IP addresses

   SAY : send a message to all users

   QUIT : disconnect from server

Source code is included, allowing easy modification of the server's command set. The table of commands and their subroutines are all found near the end of TELSRV/ASM. To build a new version of the program using the MRAS assembler, enter these commands:


The "DO" command runs a linker script that outputs the executable program file.

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