The M3SE Kit

The M3SE is now available in kit form, in very limited quantity, for those who wish to build their own and save some money in the process. See the pricing page for information on ordering your kit.

These photos show the MISE 1.0 kit, which is sold out. The MISE 1.1 kit is similar but the boards are black instead of green.

Some components, such as the power supply size and plug orientation, and the compact flash card brand and size, may vary from these photographs.

The kit comes with:

Note: Due to postal regulations, M3SE kits ship without the CR2032 battery needed to maintain the real-time clock/calendar during powerdown. You'll have to obtain one of these elsewhere.

Note: The crystal for the real-time clock is very small; it is shipped wrapped in a small piece of drafting tape to prevent it from being overlooked.

Note: With MISE 1.1 there is a simple, required workaround involving the VGA connector. Details will be provided upon request.

To assemble the M3SE kit you'll need solder, a soldering iron, and an anti-static wrist strap.

Use this Bill Of Materials for component placement information.

Return Policy

Complete or partial kit returns will be accepted for 14 days following delivery, but only in cases of components that are defective or have been damaged during delivery. Partially or completely customer-assembled circuit boards will not be accepted for return.

Send me email before returning any parts. Packages received without prior agreement will be refused.

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