HOSTS/TXT file for static IP addresses

Your M3SE comes with a file called HOSTS/TXT:0 that contains an example list of static IP addresses:	localhost	router	PC	TRS-80	printer is called the loopback address and shouldn't be changed. The addresses starting with "192.168" are all local network addresses, assigned by a local router. If you browse your router's URL (in my case you should be able to set up static IP addresses for your local devices. Consult your router's manual for specific instructions. This will allow the M3SE to address all such devices by name using DNS, rather than by their currently-assigned IP address.

With one important exception, this file can have the same contents as the one used by your PC. See the section on setting your IP address for more information.

The contents of the HOSTS/TXT file are used by the dnshost assembly module, which you can link to your own custom applications. See the sections on DNS/CMD and DNS2/CMD for example applications.

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