Formatting hard disks

Use the IDEFORM utility to format hard disk partitions:

	IDEFORM :d (MPW="<password>",NAME="<name>",SYSTEM,VERIFY,NOSTOP)

All command-line arguments and parameters are optional.

:d is the logical drive number to be formatted. It will be prompted for if omitted.

MPW specifies the drive's Master Password. It will be prompted for if omitted.

NAME or N specifies the drive's volume label. It will be prompted for if omitted.

SYSTEM or S causes the directory and boot sector to be initialized, but doesn't do any formatting.

VERIFY or V causes a long format verification process. This is not recommended for Compact Flash disks.

NOSTOP skips checking whether the disk already contains data and asking for its master password if so.

In order to format a disk without using the NOSTOP parameter, you must supply its Master Password. The Master Passwords for all Compact Flash partitions supplied with M3SE are originally "PASSWORD".

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